Prestige Park Drive: Plot or House

Financial investments are made after a long decision-making process and when it comes to buying real estate the decision-making process adds a couple of steps. The financial requirement and availability will be on one side and what is the correct investment option will the question on the other side. The question we often hear is whether to buy a land or a constructed house or a plot. Though this question is there for ages still people find it difficult to get the right decision. Some of the factors that are to be considered before getting to final conclusion maybe
Investment returns for the asset

Tax benefits

Since getting a property often involves the whole family the decision cannot arrive purely on basis of financial factors. Personal interests and comfort also has to be factored in and bargained against the tax sops and financial returns.

The property value appreciation will be generally high in the plot when compared to apartments. This is primarily because of the depreciation of the property has to take into consideration. But at the same time, the amenities provided in the case of an apartment will be more as it is usually a shared asset and hence will get to enjoy the benefits by paying only a portion. The same benefits in an individual plot may not be possible owing to the financial viability issue.

Compared to the tax benefits again the needle moves towards the apartments as completed building often attracts more tax benefits rather than a vacant plot. Personal interests play a huge role and this is where the plot clearly outscores all other types since it is the will of the individual to construct their home. But this comes with the hassles of the construction process, administration clearances, and related paperwork.

On balancing the two aspects the bigger players like Prestige have started the concept of developed plots which is more like a gated community but with individual plots. The prestige Park Drive is a great example where one gets to see all the amenities of a gated community but the individual will get standard-sized plots for construction according to their interests. The concept of developed plots as provided by the Prestige group takes the advantages of both the types and provides the buyers maximum benefits out of the investment both financially and psychologically. These developed plots especially in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai also adds to the improvement in living space as people are often seen crowded in apartments in bigger cities.

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