What is the importance of Occupancy Certificate?


Builder having Occupancy Certificate means you have chosen an ethical and reliable builder. An Occupancy Certificate is issued by the governing authorities on completion of any project. It mainly certifies that the property is constructed as per the by-laws and standards specified by the authorities. These are essential for owner’s safety because they comprise checks on fire safety, road clearance and other civic requirements.

Occupancy Certificate also confirms that a property has been legally constructed and is perfect to be occupied. No one should move in to a constructed property unless they have proof of a valid Occupancy Certificate. Our law says, it is not important to have this certificate in hand while registering a new property. So, it commonly happens that occupants are not informed of the existence of such certificate and they end up taking possession without Occupancy Certificate.

Shifting into a home without an Occupancy Certificate can result severe. There will a danger of living in a home that has not been cleared of safety hazards, there will be risk of not getting basic amenities. In short, any builder who intentionally keeps you in dark, does not have your best interests at heart.

Hence, while choosing a builder, be sure to ask about Occupancy Certificate. If Occupancy Certificate has been obtained, you can be assured of builder’s good intentions about your comfort with the property you will own.

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