What is the importance of Occupancy Certificate?

Builder having Occupancy Certificate means you have chosen an ethical and reliable builder. An Occupancy Certificate is issued by the governing authorities on completion of any project. It mainly certifies that the property is constructed as per the by-laws and standards specified by the authorities. These are essential for owner’s safety because they comprise checks […]

Why Investing in Prestige Park Drive is the best decision?

When it comes to buying a home, there is always a long list of factors to choose from before coming to the correct decision. Among them, the reason why choosing this place is of prime importance because ultimately our decision is going to impact our everyday quality of life. This is a reason why Prestige […]

Where is Prestige Park Drive located?

prestige park drive villa

Prestige Park Drive, IVC Road, North Bangalore is a decked with the perfect balance of nature and comfort. It is located near IVC Road, just 6 km from International Airport. There is an elevated signal-free expressway from Hebbal all the way to IVC Road making it even more convenient to commute toand from the city. […]